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Multi-level password for printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-05

This is an era of advanced information, and various media carry the needs of the public to share resources. This is another era that emphasizes privacy. Everyone has a strong sense of self.

Recognition, mobile phones have passwords, computers have passwords, and even shared bicycles have passwords. What about your inkjet printer? Everyone who can work together with software and hardware

Man, such an activist who sprays codes on disagreement, of course, can’t fall behind the times.

Today we will take a look at the multi-level password management of the printer. Simply put, multi-level password management is to set different passwords to give different users different permissions. In the permissions granted, there are high-level and low-level permissions, indicating that Different usage rights. The permissions granted to users are suitable for different users, such as operators, maintenance

, etc. When in use, follow the corresponding setting steps to complete the multi-level management.

The printer has a special window for setting a password. In this window, six users can be allowed. Each license is assigned a password. Use the Tab key to enter the setting box in sequence

. Enter password: After the machine is turned on for a short time, the password must be entered. An input area will display 'Please enter a password'. The user must enter the password within three seconds

The entered characters are displayed with *. The permissions in the basic license are automatically applied. Then press the OK key to exit. Basic permission: Define the right to use after the password is activated.

Limits. Activation password: Define whether the password program is activated. If activated, the initial password of the rottweil printer is 'SERVICE'. Password: Define the password. Up to 10

character combinations, it may consist of letters, numbers and special characters.

We have used password settings to further refine the division of labor between different operators and achieve hierarchical management. But there is a problem that cannot be ignored. What if there is a problem with the password setting, or if I forget the operation password? First of all, I hope all friends, before using it, carefully read the random operation manual, the password setting department

points, and secondly, you can find a higher-level operator to reset password. If the following two methods still don’t work, please don’t forget to contact our customer service and clarify your question. We will help you answer as soon as possible. Hope Everyone uses it smoothly, and don't forget that the customer service will always support you in the wind and rain!

, full-level password is more secure!

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