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Nameplate Laser Marking Machine Find 'Laser'

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-20

Usually, the metal nameplate will be handed over to the customer along with the product, and many important equipment information is also marked on the metal nameplate, such as the manufacturer's brand, product specifications, detailed parameters, production date, trademark logo and QR code and other information. In order to facilitate the customers to understand the equipment information more intuitively and reduce unnecessary troubles.

Nameplates are widely used because they are more convenient to store and are superior in terms of wear resistance and appearance. Nowadays, the common metal nameplate materials in our lives generally include copper, aluminum, stainless steel, alloys and other metal materials, which are widely used in electronic products, household appliances, mechanical molds and civil products.

The traditional engraving methods of its nameplate include degreasing, polishing, primer spraying, topcoat spraying, screen printing, spraying varnish, etc. Obviously, the traditional engraving method of nameplate is obsolete today. Taste. As the saying goes, 'the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front wavesThere is no difference in the performance of the marking machine. Next, let's understand the characteristics of the nameplate laser marking machine.

Characteristics of the nameplate laser marking machine: 1. Optional rotary table and various automatic supporting systems; 2. Integrated overall structure, small size and space saving; 3. All air-cooled, no consumables, maintenance-free, power saving and energy saving, ultra-low post-use cost; 4. The software is compatible with DXF, PLT, BMP, AI, JPG and other formats, and can automatically generate serial numbers, production dates, barcodes and QR code; 5. The perfect beam quality achieves ultra-high precision marking effect. Especially on stainless steel and other metal products, it is more advantageous to do anti-white, frosted, color and other effects; 6. Using a fiber solid-state laser, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the pump light source is as high as 80% after coupling through the fiber, the beam quality is higher, and the service life is higher. Long, laser life can reach 100,000 hours;

Compared with traditional metal nameplate engraving technology, the appearance of the nameplate laser marking machine developed by laser has solved the problem of nameplate engraving. It is characterized by high marking accuracy, fast speed and stable performance. Metal surface marking does not require ink and other media to cover the surface, and directly marks the surface of the metal nameplate by laser. Bringing good news to companies using nameplates in the peninsula area.

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