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National Day travel, good-looking girls wear what color of T-shirt? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-20
Recently the weather is still hot, even if the typhoon periods, but have little effect. Especially guangdong's sister, or t-shirts with short skirt. Some girls feel suspicious, immediately to the National Day, then go out what to wear to look good? Actually, according to the usual weather, or t-shirts, the most suitable for young people of all ages. So how to choose what color of clothes? Small make up today for everyone to have a good recommend. 1. Yellow stripe T-shirt is well known, tender yellow clothes. Many sister skin will appear dark, and yellow is there will be show the effect of white color, choose yellow T-shirt is optional collocation mei-mei dalai. 2. Light blue T-shirt light blue T-shirt is often like the sister of minimalist design often spare, plus small bump color skirt looked very young, is also very fashion. Never miss the National Day travel necessary outfit. Some sister and wonder, the pure color of the clothes is too plain. Want to customize some picture or pattern? May I have an idea of using T-shirt laser printing machine clothing customization soho, studio, small factory, and so on. They use T-shirt laser printing machine can be directly printed on the clothes elegant design, not only to ensure that the picture with the same printing effect, still can keep the T-shirt original permeability, use the washing machine or hand wash is ok? Is really a young girl heart was bombed!
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