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Need to pay attention to the following points if you need to purchase a QR code inkjet code!

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-16
Today, the protagonist we are going to talk about is a QR code printer. As the name suggests, it is a marking device that can print the content of a QR code. This is simple but not simple. When choosing a QR code printer equipment, you need to pay attention to the following points: production and processing companies print QR codes on products, conduct product life cycle traceability, product circulation control, and post-marketing promotion, including big data collection , Market feedback surveys, consumer inquiries on authenticity have provided technical support, and the scope of application has become wider and wider. What problems will manufacturers encounter when purchasing QR code printers? 1. Things to pay attention to before purchasing. The market is full of a large number of brands, specifications, and models. When purchasing, we often cannot clearly and quickly determine which brand or model can meet our needs. It is even more troublesome for purchases or persons in charge who do not understand professional technology. Price Large differences and unclear classification of equipment types will bother us. How to choose and how to exclude and retain some equipment that can truly meet the needs of product identification has become the top priority. There are several core points here. After we understand these requirements, we can quickly and accurately communicate with suppliers. After simple communication, we can accurately analyze whether this type of equipment can meet our needs. Effective analogy. The size of the QR code. According to the product type, determine the size of the QR code that we need to code on the product, for example, between 4mm-10mm, then we can give priority to the small character inkjet printer or the thermal foaming inkjet code of the HP nozzle The machine performs QR code assignment work. If it is between 12mm-18mm, then we can give priority to the variable QR code inkjet printer with Xaar nozzles. If it is between 18mm-50mm, you need to consider a UV high-resolution cij printer with a large print head (such as Squibb 300 models). Product material type. It is also necessary to determine the types of our product materials according to their product attributes, and whether one type of inkjet printer can meet the coding work of multiple types of materials. The main issue here is the adhesion problem and the selection of ink types. Through the above two points, we can quickly screen out some types of identification equipment, quickly find the type of equipment suitable for our own product identification requirements, and conduct in-depth price, installation, and post-maintenance discussions and negotiations. 2. Things to pay attention to when installing. Especially when some printing factories purchase variable two-dimensional code coding equipment, installation will become a core problem, involving a large number of non-standard automation and processing and manufacturing issues. At this time, whether the manufacturer that provides the printer equipment has automated design and processing capabilities will directly affect the implementation of the entire project. manufacturers have three major operating systems, including identification division, automation division, and traceability division, in order to be able to help customers solve a series of problems in procurement, installation, and post-application in a one-stop manner. When customers are purchasing, it is best to communicate well with manufacturers and suppliers. They can solve problems such as product identification and retrospective marketing in a one-stop manner, which will greatly reduce the later workload and avoid unnecessary troubles. Here, the printer manufacturer suggests that customers can conduct on-site inspections of some qualified suppliers, and use technical solutions to determine which suppliers have the ability to implement and meet the installation and procurement standards. 3. Post-maintenance and repair issues. For equipment, especially some identification equipment belonging to fixed assets, conduct in-depth analysis, such as service life, failure rate, common problems, and wear and tear. After the equipment is preliminarily determined, what technical difficulties will it face? Very simple, it is some problems in the later use process, such as maintenance, cost of consumables, wearing parts, spare equipment and other problems. Only after communicating well in advance can the later installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair be smoother, forming a stable supply chain system, and reducing the various problems faced by procurement, especially the price level. It must be clearly implemented and written in writing. Written in the contract. With the upgrading of market demand, all kinds of automatic coding and marking equipment are undergoing changes. From market research, it is not difficult to see that in the current environment, more products need to use codes to increase added value and use codes to increase added value. Create value, use codes to create personalization and personification of products. As a manufacturing company, it faces more and higher requirements for channels and customers, such as clear channels (anti-channeling), direct benefits to consumers, interaction with consumers, delivery of marketing in place, and enhancement of brand awareness and user viscosity . We recommend that customers keep this series of problems on record when purchasing cij printers, so that they can be solved in a targeted manner when they encounter problems in normal use in the later period, improve work efficiency, and reduce later use costs. 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