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No consumables are needed when analyzing the laser printer to work

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
In the current cij printer industry, laser inkjet printers are the most advanced equipment. When cij printers were just launched on the market, the price of an inkjet printer could exceed 100,000 yuan. This shows that the inkjet printer at that time The price is very expensive. But now we only need to spend 10,000 to 20,000 yuan to buy a good inkjet printer, and even a few thousand yuan can buy a very good inkjet printer, and the traditional inkjet printer market It is also very small, replaced by a laser printing machine. Traditional inkjet printers need to consume a lot of ink and solvents during the working process, which is a bit troublesome to operate. Does the laser printing machine need consumables when it is working? The laser printing machine does not need consumables at all when it is working, as long as there is water and electricity. However, traditional inkjet printers require a lot of consumables, such as ink, solvents, and cleaning agents. The prices of these consumables are relatively not cheap. The cost of inkjet printer consumables is almost thousands of dollars in one year, and even To be more, it is almost the same as the price of buying an inkjet printer. At present, the price of a liter of ink is basically around 800 yuan, but it will not take long for this liter of ink to be on the inkjet printer, and it will need to be repurchased. Therefore, laser inkjet printers must save a lot of cost compared with traditional inkjet printers in terms of consumables, but laser cij printers are a bit more expensive than traditional inkjet printers. In addition to saving the cost of consumables, laser inkjet printers are more efficient than traditional inkjet printers, which can also improve the economic benefits of enterprises invisibly. In addition, because there is no need to use consumables, so The damage to the environment is basically zero, and it will not endanger the health of the operators.
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