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Oil-based ink and water-based ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

The difference between water-based ink and oil-based ink is very obvious. General inkjet printers will use oil-based inks with better performance, and oil-based inks have also brought it to the printer industry

More development and opportunities.

Oil-based ink, solvent-based ink, not easily soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents. Oil-based inks can be diluted with organic solvents, and can be printed on absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces.

It is not easy to fade after printing. Oil-based inks are characterized by high viscosity, fast-drying, water resistance, softness, and good light resistance. It saves more ink when in use, and effectively saves costs.

Oil-based inks, as well as environmentally friendly oil-based inks, can be printed without machine melting. It is mostly used on the surface of metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, carton and building materials.

Compared with water-based ink jet printers, ink jet printers have the following advantages, which make oil-based ink jet printers dominate the ink jet printer market.

1. The non-contact cij printer does not need to directly touch the surface of the object to be printed, and will not damage the surface or interior of the object to be printed.

2. Ink cij printer, the inkjet code content is easy to edit and modify. There is an operation panel, and it can also be connected to a computer for editing and modification.

Third, the ink jet printer, with fast jet printing speed and high efficiency, is the first choice for large-volume enterprises.

Fourth, the ink jet printer has a wide range of applications and a wide range of materials. Almost any material can be printed. Metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, paper, film, glass and other materials can be spray-printed on the surface, and can achieve a good spray-printing effect.

Fifth, the ink jet printer machine equipment cost is low.

The small character cij printer is a typical ink inkjet printer. It is used with a thinner. Although the special material of thinner is added to the cost, it is compared with large characters. Coding

The small character inkjet printer covers a small area, has a wide range of applications, saves materials, and has low product prices, which make small character inkjet printers become inkjet printers. The leader of the machine industry.

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