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On how the female engineer of the inkjet printer is trained

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-21
--Leadtech 30th Anniversary Celebration--  Share your story with Leadtech  Excellent Story 2      Hello, I am a female engineer from Hong Kong GP Group. Our company is a world-renowned company specializing in the production of batteries, and also one of the earliest companies in the battery industry that used cij printers. I came into contact with the inkjet printer more than ten years ago. At that time, the company had more than a dozen Leadtech 4800/4900 inkjet printers. The leader told us: This is tens of thousands of equipment. You should be careful when using it , So I was very careful when I started to operate the printer. Later, due to a lot of work in the company's engineering department, there was no time to manage the maintenance of the cij printer. If there are some minor problems with the inkjet printer, it will take some time for the manufacturer to come, so our company hopes that I can learn some routine maintenance of the inkjet printer.    - Leadtech4900-   In my impression, women are relatively disadvantaged in technical jobs, so I was still very worried at that time. Later, as long as the manufacturer sends an engineer to our factory to maintain and repair the Leadtech inkjet printer, I will accompany the whole process, one is to help, the other is to learn. After more than a year of exploration and accumulation, I have mastered the techniques of cleaning nozzles, disassembling nozzles, and even replacing 4800 motors. Over time, I was able to deal with some problems urgently and shortened the maintenance and downtime. Although I can solve some common small problems, I have also received great praise from the company's leaders. And when I heard Leadtech’s engineers said: “A lot of our customers can operate cij printers, but not many can repair inkjet printers. Among them, there are very few girls who can repair cij printers!' There is a kind of pride. Feeling spontaneously. Thanks to Leadtech for allowing me to get so much recognition and praise for my work!      Xiaobian’s message can be described as a woman without a beard! The industry is good at diligence and playfulness, regardless of gender, the key is to work hard and diligently! Very Thank you for your support and understanding all the way, we will continue to work hard to provide better products and better services! For more information, please visit Leadtech official website:    or call:
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