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On the marking of merchandise: why do you want to use laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-20

for many businessmen feel the commodity marking only need to choose a marking machine can play mark is ok, but did not think of in recent years, along with the advance of technology development and innovation, laser marking technology with brand-new appearance appear in front of the public, and can be widely used in the field of printing, mainly included in plastic, rubber, metal, such as a variety of different materials on the use of a silicon chip. According to relevant data show that the laser marking has occupied more than 90% of the industry market, the traditional way has slowly been replaced with its, so why is it able to have such a big market?

one of, the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, printing ink printing form relative to laser marking technology is not a big advantage in all aspects, especially in the aspect of cost, flexibility, and control computer system is even more so, so laser marking technology possesses advantages are greater.

second, laser marking technology has unique advantage of eight: permanent, anti-counterfeiting, non-contact, wide applicability, carving of high precision, low operation cost, high efficiency, fast development. These eight big advantage to meet the demands of customers.

the permanent main is to use laser marking machine of the won't fade because of the external environment impact, at the same time by using this technology, carved logo is not easy to imitation and change, therefore has to a certain extent, security, it is more important for businesses. And fear to companies for marking the damage caused by the phenomenon such as, pollution is also does not exist, does not produce internal stress as well as to ensure the accuracy of the original goods itself.

second, scope of application of laser marking technology is particularly wide, both metal and nonmetal is can use laser technology and carry on the processing target. Carved by the graphic by using laser technology has the advantages of clear, durable, beautiful, can meet the requirements of huge amounts of data can be printed, so more with market competitiveness.

in the end, no matter from the running cost and the efficiency of processing or the speed of development, laser marking technology has great advantage. Although say to buy a laser marking machine investment cost is very high, but from the consideration on the running cost, use laser marking machine costs are much lower. And the working efficiency of the laser marking machine is calculated according to the SEC, high-speed mobile can achieve 5 to 7 m/s. Laser technology is combined with computer technology and products, users only need to be done on the computer programming can realize the output of the laser printing, and according to the requirements in terms of icon of arbitrary switching.

what has been discussed above, the laser marking machine can replace the traditional mould manufacturing, and directly shortened product upgrade and replacement cycle, provides a convenient for production businesses.

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