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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-13
Analysis of the six core components of cij printers

After decades of development, cij printers have been deeply integrated into our daily lives. With the advancement of technology and craftsmanship, inkjet printers The printer also reflects different types and styles, but the core components of the cij printer are still applicable to various types of machines, and one cannot be missing. Today Let's take a brief look at the six core components of the printer

The main components of the printer are composed of six parts: power supply board, ink supply system, keyboard, CPU board, print head and trigger.

1. The power board provides 5V and 20V power for the printer.

Second, the ink supply system provides 0.04MPa air pressure for the printer, which is mainly composed of air pressure regulating valve,

It is composed of air pump, ink supply pipe, air supply pipe and ink tank.

3. The keyboard is composed of a display module, a communication module, a drive module, and a processing module.

Four. The CPU board is mainly composed of CPU, communication group, EPROM, battery, and print head drive group.

(1) CPU: All program signal processing and inkjet printer action control.

(2) Communication group: Provide signals required for communication with the keyboard.

(3) EPROM and battery: save all user-set parameters and print content.

(4) Nozzle drive group: Controlled by the CPU to provide power for the movement of the nozzle.

Fifth, the nozzle is composed of gasket, ink connector, control line connector, nozzle sheet, ink tank, coil, upper cover, ejector rod, and spring.

(1) Gasket: Seal the connection between the components.

(2) Ink connector: the nozzle ink pipeline connector.

(3) Control line connector: the connection connector between the control line and the nozzle.

(4) Nozzle plate: The nozzle plate is composed of 7 holes of 0.16mm, which mainly controls the size and shape of the ejected ink dots.

(5) Ink tank: The ink tank is the place where the ink is stored when the print head is not working, and it is also the connecting part of the electronic valve of the print head.

(6) Coil: When the coil is energized, an electromagnetic field is generated to provide power for the opening of the electronic valve. It forms an electronic valve together with the upper cover plate, the spring and the ejector rod.

(7) The upper cover, the ejector rod, and the spring are the valve parts of the electronic valve and work with the nozzle.

Six. The trigger provides a voltage signal for the printer to notify the CPU that a signal passes through, and provides a high level, a low level and a ground for the trigger. When it is not triggered

, the trigger is at a high level or a low level. When an object passes by, the trigger reverses the high and low levels, giving the CPU a different potential signal.

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