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One of the electronic industry coding series: PCB

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-20
One of the electronic industry coding series: PCB product material Flexible PCB board: metal plate, polyimide, polyester film Ordinary PCB board: metal plate, phenolic resin, glass fiber, epoxy resin, aluminum, copper, etc. Application characteristics PCB The board production environment generally requires dust-free, constant temperature, and smooth PCB board, so the ink requirements are high. The ink cannot be melted on the light board. The QR code on the PCB requires precise positioning, contains more digits, and has a high reading rate. . Application description: PCB production companies need identification information on the circuit boards produced by the company, such as the company's internal production code, model, logistics code, anti-counterfeiting code, etc., which are mainly used for internal production management, quality control, product anti-counterfeiting and related information traceability. In the past, to achieve this goal, these parts were labeled or silk-screened. These two methods had obvious advantages and disadvantages, but the work flow was too cumbersome, resulting in high labor costs during the period. The cij printer is used to print on the PCB circuit board. The inkjet content can be adjusted randomly on the inkjet printer without re-making or printing. At the same time, it saves manual labeling or corresponding labeling equipment compared with labeling methods. The PCB circuit board passes through the assembly line, and the inkjet printer senses that there is a circuit board passing by, and the nozzle can print the required information without touching the circuit board. On one circuit board, multiple places can be printed. Moreover, the cij printer is a non-contact printing method, which will not cause damage to the product surface; some PCB circuit board companies need to mark the QR code on the circuit board, and the cij printer can also achieve it well, and after scanning The read rate is high. Leadtech Advantages In response to these characteristics, Leadtech has developed CJ400, 7900, 8900 series cij printers, and developed 1405, 1010 inks specifically for printing on smooth boards, which can perfectly solve the problem of ink scalping. The CSL10u002630 laser machine series does not require consumables, is maintenance-free, supports ultra-high-speed coding, and has a maximum print format of up to 600mm, and supports more than 26 languages. Support 3 to 5 lines printing, support QR code and barcode printing, and white ink. The cost of ink consumption can be calculated, and the printed fonts are neat and beautiful. The operation is convenient and the machine is stable. Simple, one-click, real-time ink addition-no stains, no tools, no error coding. Self-service guided by the screen to guide the operator through the operation process-quickly obtained in about 30 minutes, without the service of an engineer, and the service time is long 1400 hours. Leadtech's industry-leading print heads are completely sealed and run continuously and stably, usually only once every three months. Leadtech 7900 Spectrum white ink machine is specially designed for primary and secondary coding requirements-including 20mm high carton coding options, coding speeds up to 2.92m/s (7900SS) and 7.28m/s (7900HP). Actual picture:
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