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One, two, three about inkjet printer ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-10

I have introduced all kinds of cij printers to you before, and today I will talk about the ink of this cij printer. The types of inks are also diverse, each with its own advantages. Common

There are the following types:

1. Water-based ink

Water-based ink, stable ink, bright color. The water-based ink is formulated by water-based resin, soluble in water, and dilutable with water. The biggest advantage is that it does not require organic solvents and reduces the volatilization of the agent. It can prevent air pollution and does not affect the human body. Healthy, not easy to burn, it is an environmentally friendly ink. The important thing about water-based inks is that they are cheap, have good post-printing adhesion, quick-drying, and strong water resistance. Usually used in food, medicine, beverage and other industries, packaging and printing industry is also widely used.

Second, oil-based ink

Oil-based ink, solvent-based ink, not easily soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents . Oil-based inks can be diluted with organic solvents, and can be printed on absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces.

It is not easy to fade after printing. Oil-based inks are characterized by high viscosity, fast-drying, water resistance, softness, and good light resistance. It saves more ink when in use, and effectively saves costs.

Oil-based inks, as well as environmentally friendly oil-based inks, can be printed without machine melting. It is mostly used on the surface of metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, carton and building materials.

3. Ultraviolet curing ink

Ultraviolet curing UV ink, under ultraviolet light, uses different wavelengths and different The energy of ultraviolet light makes the ink film and dry the ink, and the monomer in the binder polymerizes

Synthetic polymer, so the ultraviolet curing ink has better mechanical and chemical properties performance. The main points of the UV-curable UV ink are solvent-free, fast drying speed, less energy consumption, and the inkjet content has good gloss, firmness, bright colors, water and solvent resistance, Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance, suitable for high-resolution and high-speed printing.

Four. Water-based UV ink

Water-based UV ink is a new direction in the field of UV ink research, water and ethanol, etc. As a diluent, such water-based UV inks are more environmentally friendly. Currently used UV oil

Most of the inks need to be diluted with active diluents. Long-term exposure will affect health and cause certain pollution to the environment. The research and development of water-based UV ink is very necessary, and it has been applied in some demanding industries.

5. High temperature ink

High temperature ink, some special products have to go through high temperature environment, such as glass, soldering, etc. The industry requires the use of high-temperature inks. Ordinary ink will undergo physical or chemical changes at about 100 degrees Celsius, and cannot meet the requirements of high temperature resistance. The high-temperature ink is resistant to high temperature, does not fade easily, has good gloss, acid and alkali resistance. Lead-free and cadmium-free, ring

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