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Online automatic laser marking machine for medicine box carton packaging

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-05

We often see identification codes such as production date and product batch number on the outer packaging of medicine boxes or some carton boxes. These identification codes are not only clear in font, but also difficult to remove for a long time. They play a good anti-counterfeiting effect on drugs. What equipment do I need to use for the identification code?

At present, the most advanced marking equipment in the world is the laser marking machine, and the date or batch number of the medicines mentioned earlier are marked by the laser marking machine. Marking machine is a very general title. With the development of laser marking machine technology, laser marking machines have been subdivided into many categories, and what we are going to talk about today is CO2 laser marking machine, which can be used in Marking on products such as paper and wood.

Working principle of CO2 laser marking machine: CO2 laser marking machine uses CO2 gas as a medium, and CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases are charged into the discharge tube, and then the discharge tube is filled with CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases. Apply high voltage to generate glow discharge, and then release 10.64um laser. After amplifying the laser energy, with the cooperation of computer and laser marking card, the target workpiece can be marked with patterns, characters, etc.

Now we know what type of laser marking machine is used to mark the medicine box carton, but we are facing a problem, that is, the problem of marking speed, if it is The marking effect of conventional desktop CO2 laser marking machine can be guaranteed, but the speed cannot meet the production requirements, so an online automatic CO2 laser marking machine is designed. The appearance is as follows:

On-line automatic CO2 laser marking machine, combining advanced galvanometer marking technology with real-time marking software, can apply laser marking technology to production lines, It is equipped with a conveyor belt to realize online automatic and fast marking, and the handwriting is permanently indelible, which can meet the online marking of various types of paper, cloth, non-metallic materials, self-adhesive and other packaging.

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