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Only by understanding customer needs can we provide customers with precise services

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-04

manufacturers currently have many brands in China, and in the face of the needs of many brands and customer groups in all walks of life, how can we provide corporate customers with The most accurate

service has become the core problem of all cij printer companies, from common food and beverages to building materials, pipes, cables, and daily cosmetics and supermarkets The common

products belong to the customer resources of printer manufacturers. With the intensification of competition, only a better understanding of customer needs can provide more targeted Logo solution

The project was recognized by customers.

How do we deeply understand customer needs?

Continuous market adjustment of the industry

Supermarkets and streets are places where all goods gather. Therefore, we can see some products in stores Logo, such as production date, shelf life, expiration date, batch

number, LOGO icon, etc., pay attention to the printing details of each product logo, so that we can better understand Some types of signs and related information needed in the market.

For example, the two-dimensional code information printed on the caps of beverage bottles and the bottom of some beverage cans. What is the clarity of the information and the scanning rate? Perhaps, the product you hold in your hand may not completely meet their needs. Perhaps in the near future, you will be able to replace the current coding logo.

Be good at analysis

Analysis is the secret of the long-term development of a company. From the observation of the types and effects of different products, the manufacturer’s technicians can analyze Out, the effect of this type of coding is

What method and machine are used for printing, so as to analyze the application characteristics of different machines and learn more about customer purchases Reasons for different printers.

Continuously summarize

From observation and analysis, we know the common product coding methods on the market and the application scope of different printers. According to its own situation, how does the inkjet printer manufacturer

make measures to suit local conditions? According to different customer industries, product materials and surface characteristics are different, we recommend more targeted small characters, Large characters or high-resolution inkjet marking equipment


Diligent in communication

Do confirm with customers the product identification requirements and information content requirements, starting from the details, not only Telephone communication, but also meet, face-to-face, face-to-face communication, carefully observe and reconcile

Understand the customer's product material, type, model and other information, at the same time understand the customer's product production situation, automated production The operation status of the production line, as well as the confirmation items of the later equipment installation

, etc., whether it is necessary to transform the automated production line, whether it needs to be customized non-standard bracket, whether it needs to be connected to the equipment, whether If you need communication and other matters, you need to determine in advance

to prepare for the later work.

Repeat comparison

Help customers to make samples and test, provide a variety of marking standards and coding effects to customers, let customers choose by themselves, or even take different Different brands and models of machines to customers

like, the ultimate goal is to help customers choose equipment and confirm the effect.

Actually being able to sell products is to rely on us to continuously explore our own sales points, so that more companies can find their own products Logo, and never

innovate continuously. Provide you with the most core competitive advantage of inkjet printer logo with perfect service.

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