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Operation process of UV laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-01
The startup process and automatic startup setting method of the UV laser marking machine

Auto startup operation instructions

The automatic startup mode is a control applied to avoid the complicated startup process The automatic power-on mode is generally used to determine the current condition, and adjust the frequency and pulse width inside the UV laser marking software to determine the output power of the laser marking machine.

Automatic startup process:

1. First check the laser marking head and the control cabinet, turn on the laser marking head to emit light The dustproof cover at the mouth to prevent the laser from burning on the lens, and check whether the window mirror is clean;

2. Before turning on the laser of the laser marking machine, ensure the indoor The temperature is between 15-30 degrees (air cooling) or check whether the chiller equipped with the laser marking machine is turned on (water cooling), and at the same time check that the difference between the set temperature of the chiller and the actual temperature is less than 1 degree;

3. Turn on the main power switch button, normally closed to keep the laser in the power-on state, if it is not closed for a long time, it needs to be re-closed and preheated for about 2 minutes before turning on the key switch;

4. Turn on the key switch, the laser of the UV laser marking machine will enter the automatic power-on state after the inspection is completed;

5. In In the process of automatic power-on current rising, the automatic power-on program will preheat for 5 minutes at about 2/3 of the working current;

6. When the current rises to the working current ( About 7 minutes), you can open the ezcad software of the UV laser marking machine, and it can work normally according to the operation steps of the UV laser marking machine.

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