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Optical fiber laser marking machine help powdered milk enterprise in return for the brand image

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-06

although not everyone will use a kind of milk powder products, but for the little baby is one of the indispensable food. So the quality of milk powder for consumer safety and security is extremely important a factor, when a certain brand of milk powder problem, so the enterprise brand image must be raised. When a corporate brand gone get trust of consumers, the brand is to the east again, brand is very important for an enterprise to an exist, so how to switch back to milk powder enterprise's brand image?

first of all, we must first understand what is the cause of the brand image drop? For milk powder is nothing but consumers will not be able to clear the query to the milk powder from production to sales in the production process information, which is some origin, batch number, date of origin, material, brand, such as, consumers only clear in the details of the milk powder can rest assured to buy, if a product is not to trace, you rest assured to buy to you? So in order to solve the puzzle and increase the trust of consumers, powdered milk enterprise must to upgrade its packaging. Especially on the identity information should be used directly in the optical fiber laser marking machine are identified on milk powder cans, rather than using the label type.

actually, why identity information assigned code need to change for the laser marking form? The reason is very simple, is the original form of tag is not able to meet the needs of contemporary society, more can't meet the needs of the age of the Internet, the most important is the original sign forms are easy to be 'dirty' businessman. And selection of optical fiber laser marking machine will be unique to the brand to qr code information marked in the milk powder at the bottom of the tank, in combination with modern Internet technology to establish a traceability system, make the commodity information visualization. Mothers when buying milk powder by using mobile phone scan function, can be intuitive to know that all the information of the brand milk powder, including: whether the production date, batch number, country of origin, import, entry inspection and quarantine, and milk products, logo, and whether or not the real thing, and realize the milk from the milk, the full range of production and logistics supply chain traceability. Brand of visual information could increase the confidence of buyers for the brand, so as to enhance the brand effect.

in the end, back to talk about what is optical fiber laser marking machine, what is the role of milk powder brand? Optical fiber laser marking machine is essentially a kind of marking equipment, a way to switch back to milk powder brand image of innovative marking equipment. We all know that most are in the canned milk powder is given priority to, and optical fiber laser marking machine is very suitable for its use. Moreover using laser marking machine is printed is a permanent, thus to ensure that milk powder enterprise logo, anti-counterfeiting code, the information such as date, coding, qr code, certificate is not easy to change by 'dirty' businessman, can give consumers a better protection. Milk powder laser marking machine is able to realize the goods yard, and permanent tag information clear, laser marking is zero consumables marking at the same time, to ensure that the tag in the process of zero pollution, more secure, environmental protection, can let users more at ease.

all in all, fiber laser marking machine as one of the widely used and mature marking equipment, brought to ascend, the quality of tourism commodities for powdered milk enterprise also in return for the enterprise's brand image at the same time, let the enterprise getting more people trust the brand. More important is the ability to solve encountered in the process of traditional ink printing mark pollution, easy to clean and easy to fade, easy to change the brand image of the problem.
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