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Original nozzle is too expensive, taobao to buy second-hand nozzle feasible? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-20
Now use tablet laser printing machine, UV laser printing machine, there are more and more many people begin to contact the different products, can be customized on many products exquisite design, such as the following, packing box, lighters, bottle wine box, T-shirt and so on. As long as is sure to maintain the machine, that machine parts easy to damage? That is the printer nozzle! Normal manufacturer of shower nozzle is 1500 - About 2000 yuan a, some people said taobao a few hundred pieces, but cheap! In fact this is quench thirst, once the improper operation is also easy to secondary damage machine, reduce the service life of the machine! The principle of buy secondhand nozzle and scrap car you bought is a reason. Scrap car basic performance already cannot satisfy the normal use, selling price is lower again, use depends on the life of a character. Secondary nozzle is the same reason, refurbished forced the original plug nozzle, the internal structure has been changed, it is impossible for a print effect to new nozzle by comparability, and it is illegal to sell refurbished nozzle, illegal, in order to more long-term profits using machines, taobao buy secondhand nozzle is not desirable.
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