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Our adventure

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-06

Science and technology are changing with each passing day. With the rapid development of technology, the trust between people is gradually weakening today. What we believe is far from selling melons and boasting.

Good sentence. It was a scream of praise from the public. What do you think of this? The praises are the monuments.

We have already said a lot about the great achievements of small character inkjet printers. In fact, using cij printers is an adventure. With the risk of failure, we began to develop inkjet printers,

The wonderful science and technology brought us to a new era. Take us to appreciate the new scenery. Non-contact coding technology, simple operation, convenient to deal with various emergencies. Its

Small and medium character cij printer is a concentrated expression of this technology. It is the perfect combination of technology and economic practicability.

On the integrated nozzle, 128 or more piezoelectric crystals respectively control multiple nozzle holes on the nozzle plate, processed by the CPU, and then passed through the drive board Output a series of electrical signals to each piezoelectric crystal, and the piezoelectric crystal is deformed, so that the ink is ejected from the nozzle and falls on the surface of the moving object to form dots. Array, thus forming

into text, numbers or graphics. Then, the piezoelectric crystal returns to its original shape, and new ink enters the nozzle due to the surface tension of the ink. Because the ink dot density per square centimeter

is very large, the application of piezoelectric technology can print high-quality text, complex logos and barcodes and other information. Make your trademark unique, make your cake bring your own

logo, bring your culture, and bring your faith.

It is also a leading brand in the cij printer industry. It is a brand of inkjet printers originated from Germany, sold to the world, and settled in China. China's inkjet printers

The industry is booming, and German-originated printers have entered China and settled in China with advanced technology. Carry out the production and research of small character cij printers. Hope to bring new vitality to the Chinese market

It is a dynamic company, but also a cultured and confident company. It is the pride of all those who work.

, your smart choice.

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