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Overview of main industrial laser products

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-27

   The technological transformation of laser processing system has considerable room for traditional industries, an important industrial field in China. However, without the use of advanced laser manufacturing systems, it is difficult to deal with the impact of foreign products from China's accession to the WTO on the Chinese market. The market development also fully shows that China's laser processing system has considerable room for development and is worthy of the industry's attention.

  2. Overview of main industrial laser products

   At present, a series of industrial lasers with independent intellectual property rights have been researched and developed in China, such as marking machines, cutting machines, and engraving machines. Machines and other types of lasers are used for carbon dioxide or YAG solid-state lasers, which basically meet the needs of the market. Wuhan, Optics Valley, China has about 30 companies engaged in the production of industrial laser products. Countries with leading product varieties and technologies are the most important production bases of industrial laser products in China.

  (1)Laser marking machine

  Laser marking is the most advanced technology for industrial product marking. Laser marking does not touch the workpiece, and the surface of the workpiece will not produce any mechanical deformation. High-speed marking can realize the production line of online real-time marking. Marking has high precision, fast processing speed, and other unique advantages. On the plane, arc and flying objects print various characters, symbols, patterns, serial numbers, two-dimensional barcodes and codes, especially hard, crisp, and soft products. It has been widely used in the electronics industry, automobile industry, medical products, hardware tools, household appliances, daily necessities, marking technology, aerospace industry, ID cards, jewelry processing, meters and signs.

  Typical applications include various metal and non-metal materials and product surface markings, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plexiglass, ceramics, plastics, synthetic materials, wood, rubber, leather, paper products, capacitors, inductors Devices, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, electronic access cards, various meters and control panels, buttons, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, stationery, handicrafts, cigarettes, detonators, bearings, gears, piston rings.

  Laser marking machine mainly uses carbon dioxide laser, light pumped Nd:YAG laser diode pumped solid-state laser. Our country can produce the above-mentioned lasers, but domestic carbon dioxide lasers and laser diodes cannot meet the requirements of industrialization. The key components of the marking machine, such as the Q switch and the scanning motor, are mainly imported, but the domestic laser marking machine can meet the requirements of industrial applications. Guangtong Photoelectric System Co., Ltd. is the production of neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser marking machine, which is applied to Fujian Xing Electronics Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Hong Kong, China, instead of the company's laser marking machine imported from Germany. Marking machine. It is estimated that the annual domestic laser marking machine market capacity is about 2,000 units per year, which is about 500 million yuan.


  Laser has good single color, direction, coherence and aggregation properties. It is very suitable for welding processing, laser power control and pumping pulsed xenon lamps. The resonant cavity generates a certain power and energy pulsed laser beam through the beam to expand the radiation focusing optical system welder, melting and achieving the purpose of welding. The laser welding process can transfer the energy density of the workpiece higher than 10 kw/mm2, it can form a deep and wide, small hole shape fusion depth.

  The radiation produced by the liquid weld pool is absorbed by laser welding and the welding pool is made of ideal size, and then the weld pool is along the solid interface to eliminate the gap between the components of the initial welding machine, forming a high-quality Weld. At present, the main use of high-power CO2 laser pulse Nd:YAG laser, using fiber coupling or optical focusing lens, easy to use, the laser head can be far away from the weld area, the laser performance is stable and reliable, and the life is long. It has been widely used in laser processing workshops and automatic Production line industry.

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