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Packaging, transportation and storage requirements for fiber laser marking machines

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-27

First of all, before the fiber laser marking machine is shipped, each equipment should have a product nameplate, precautions and warning signs. The product nameplate generally includes the following contents: (a) product model and name; (b) product implementation standard; (c) main technical parameters; (d) factory number; (e) manufacturer name; (f) date of manufacture.

Packing of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

All parts, accessories and spare parts before packing of Fiber Laser Marking Machine The machined surface should take reliable anti-rust measures. The storage and transportation icons of each packing box of the fiber laser marking machine shall comply with the relevant national regulations, and its contents shall include: (a) the receiving unit and address; (b) the product name and model; (c) the manufacturer's name and Factory serial number; (d) box number, overall dimensions, net weight, gross weight, etc.; (e) lifting operation mark; (f) 'handle with care' mark; (g) 'moisture-proof mark'.

Transportation of the fiber laser marking machine

The fiber laser marking machine should be prevented from heavy pressure, collision, Movement and mechanical damage should be protected from rain, moisture and exposure to sunlight.

Storage of the fiber laser marking machine

1. The single fiber laser marking machine should be placed flat in a dry and ventilated place Good indoor and avoid corrosive gases.

2. When storing the fiber laser marking machine in the open air and for a long time, measures should be taken to prevent rain, dust, moisture and fire.

3. The fiber laser marking machine should be protected from corrosion during long-term storage and use, and should be repainted when the coating fails.

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