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Parsing the laser marking machine is how to use on mobile

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-26

the development of laser marking machine got a lot of the recognition of the industry, its scope is also more and more widely use, mobile phone manufacturing and certainly no exception. Every consumer has attacked more like mobile phone brand, so consumer is in when choosing to buy will choose relative to the brand mobile phone. With the rapid development of smart phones, and many times the function of the mobile phone function, and even shape has become almost. How to let the consumer clearly recognize their own brand has become one of the chief concern of the mobile phone manufacturers.

careful consumers will be able to find what we buy mobile phones are printed with the logo on the back, as well as other relevant information, is not only a mobile phone and mobile phone accessories and brand is also a relevant information, such as headsets, batteries, shell, chargers and other spare parts are printed with information related to the brand logo, the main purpose is to be able to make clear understanding of consumers to buy their own goods is genuine, can play a security role.

in the laser marking machine is not mature of mobile phones, mobile phone of marking are generally adopted the traditional screen printing type marking, learned about silk screen target businesses are clear, screen printing marking with heavy ink, pungent, logo information is fine, color is not clear, most of the time there will be a faded and effect use effect and reduces the brand effect, also reduces the class, and not environmental protection at the same time. So many mobile phone manufacturers all don't like the traditional type of screen printing ink, but with laser marking machine to mobile phone memory marking, a lot of mobile phone manufacturers to choose with ultraviolet laser marking machine or optical fiber laser marking machine, including other types of also can.

why mobile phone manufacturers to choose to use laser marking machine for marking? On the one hand is the appeal, is a traditional ink marking is not enough to meet the contemporary consumer and mobile phone manufacturers to high demand, high standards of mobile identity information. On the other hand is a laser marking machine really is much better than the traditional ink marking, marking its better effect lasting, high security, high-definition, high quality, high grade, high efficiency, high precision etc advantages, can meet the high standard of business for mobile phones. So for 'tattoo' on the phone, laser marking machine for its created a new world, but also provides more choices for consumers, also can more understand to different brands.

the last under the simple understanding of the use of laser marking machine on the phone for what is the distinguishing feature of the 'tattoo'?

1, can be used in all related to the mobile phone accessories, such as: mobile phone shell, mobile phone batteries, chips, headphones, charger, etc. , can use the wide range of

2, because the production of a cell phone parts, so businesses can use a variety of laser machine working memory at the same time, such as ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, etc.

3, can ensure that mobile phone spare parts logo, string, the graph information such as clear, production and processing of high precision, high efficiency, low cost, no advantage in material, environmental protection and so on.

4, to ensure that the 'tattoo' persistent precisely, do not fade, play a security role.

all in all, for mobile phone manufacturers to make a mark mobile phone components have a better effect, you need to introduce a laser marking machine as auxiliary, and according to the specific requirements to choose the suitable marking machine, can have a better effect. The existence of the laser marking machine to promote the development of the smartphone technology manufacturing, between the two are inseparable.

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