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Parsing why all the goods on the market need with shelf life?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-20

as people's living standard continuously found that consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety issues, and problems for food in countries also more and more attention. News about the food problem almost every year there are reports that always appear all sorts of problems exist, one for consumers to purchase goods first consider is whether goods on the packaging with the existence of the shelf life, and related information, for no shelf life of products, consumers for its credibility is almost zero, so regardless of industry, all need to attach importance to the existence of the problem.

according to the national 'food safety law has clear provisions in article 51 food in enterprises should faithfully record the name of the commodity, specifications, quantity, production batch number, production date, shelf-life, quality inspection qualified number, contact address and related information. Including 60 also made clear provisions in there should be labels on food packaging, namely the appeal of the mentioned some of the production date, shelf-life, product standards, production license label code, the producer name, address, contact information and other information related to product the province etc. Goods only in the production process strictly follow the national rules and regulations of the 'food safety' can let consumer satisfaction. Since it is need to print production date on the package and number, then leave the laser marking machine or laser marking machine.

what is a laser marking machine? In short is to use the serial number of laser beams will need to print on different material surface and form a permanent marking a marking machine. The production of goods is suitable for a variety of industry information such as dates, logo marking. The machine by marking out clear, not because the goods in the transport process of friction, collision, and so on and so forth of the mark in the goods caused by the fuzzy influence the view. When consumers into the store to buy goods shelf life of the product and other relevant information at a glance, increase consumer information on the goods quality, so rest assured to buy.

on the contrary, if the goods is not in the consumer concern information exists, consumers will not choose to buy the products, will also report, so that businesses will do more harm than good. Related law enforcement personnel must be according to the national 'food safety' rules of the punishment to merchants, severe cases will face out of business, so in order to avoid this kind of situation, merchants are absolutely can't cut corners on this aspect, more cannot lack the presence of a laser marking machine.

all in all, for sale of any products on the market, the shelf life is particularly important. No shelf life of products will greatly reduce the trust of the consumers, so in order to comply with the provisions of the 'food safety', businesses must use a laser marking machine to the shelf life of the commodities memory marking, in order to increase the customer's trust.
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