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Pay attention to the magnifying glass of the nozzle, are you there yet?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-05

As time goes by, I believe that the friends who follow our official website have a very intuitive understanding of the inkjet printer. We have two carefully prepared tweets every week

It's not covered.

As the understanding deepens, should we be more detailed. The editor asks you a question, the magnifying glass of the nozzle, have you noticed it? What does it do


Usually the magnifying glass of the print head is built in the nozzle together with the LED light to observe the quality of the ejected ink dots, such as whether Continuous, uniform, etc. If the effect is not ideal, problems can be found in time and work efficiency can be obtained.

Here we need to understand the classification of cij printers.

1. Continuous (Continuous ), referred to as CIP technology.

Under the action of the ink supply pump, when the ink passes through the nozzles, a series of continuous ink droplets with equal spacing and the same size are formed. Angle drop

to the object passing in front of the vertical nozzle.

2. Drop On Demand (Drop On Demand), referred to as  DOD technology.

Compared with continuous inkjet technology, when printing, the characters or graphics to be printed are processed by the computer motherboard, and a series of electrical signals are output through the output board. Smart

The micro solenoid valve opens and closes quickly. The ink relies on a constant internal pressure to eject ink dots, and the ink dots form characters or graphics on the surface of the moving printed matter. .

Mastering these principles, we can observe through a magnifying glass whether it is a technical requirement or a discontinuous inkjet effect caused by a machine failure, and take the corresponding

Should be responded to.

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