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Pay treasure WeChat cashier yards of innovation cannot leave the support of the co2 laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-12

with the development of Internet, home earth-shaking changes have taken place in the payment terms. From early barter to the Internet, which is now in terms of simple is a kind of transition from offline to online trading mode, this kind of trading patterns shift to greater convenience brought about by the people's consumption, but also better protect consumer safety. If can't pass WeChat pay treasure to buy, then consumers will need to carry cash out of the door, carry cash out may face the risk of theft, because the network payment way not only improves the safety of consumers, but also go out shopping more convenient and quick.

the current WeChat on market, payment code adopt what kind of ways are there? At first we were swept through the face-to-face mobile phones for code to pay, when more than in-store traffic, this way is bad for business and consumer purchase experience. In order to improve the efficiency of cashier and consumers to purchase experience, merchants will WeChat qr code size, payment qr code printed information. Paper easily damaged so many businessmen will choose to use card stick or is set to be protected, hang on or near the cashier is directly. The payment under this form is currently one of the most common, but this kind of print is not only easy to lose, to replace the frequency is high.

in order to solve this problem, some businesses begin to choose a new cashier code, using co2 laser marking machine to print on the're the cashier code. Compared to other types of cashier code, using co2 laser marking machine code have the characteristic of cashier, the overall appearance is more beautiful. And can be WeChat cashier code, payment code checkout code printed on a sign at the same time, more convenient for businesses. Bamboo wooden cashier yards with the characteristics of a permanent will not be change, also do not need to purchase a case to be protected, use cycle is long, reduces the replacement of the number of times, etc.

why co2 laser marking machine? It has significant characteristics? Cashier code for businesses to choose some bamboo material looks more upscale, also can give a person a kind of delicate and beautiful effect, and the bamboo is the cashier cashier than metal material yard is more lightweight, thus can see on market are mainly co2 laser marking the cashier yards. It embodies the characteristics of the significantly:

first, co2 laser marking is suitable for use on the nonmetallic material, can print all kinds of different types of barcode information.

second, zero consumables marking to avoid ink faded problem occurred.

third, fine fine marking effect, prevent the consumer can't normal scan code.

4, marking speed, for the demand of some large manufacturers also don't have to worry about.

five, equipment performance is stable, maintenance free, reduces unnecessary maintenance cost and time.

its six, can print characters based on the requirements, design, and other identifying information in both Chinese and English.

all in all, about the advantages of carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine and many, many, but also solves the identification information innovation fu code in many different industries. And cashier yards of innovation is inseparable from the support of laser marking technology, relatively than artificial carving, laser technology will be more accurate and higher sales, what do you think?
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