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PCB circuit boards laser marking pause?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-18
You know PCB manufacture belongs to the modern electronics industry, an important industry. PCB circuit boards lettering code above, is now to complete automation equipment, PCB circuit board laser marking pause? PCB circuit boards laser marking pause my company production of ultraviolet laser marking machine can be achieved. Using ultraviolet laser marking machine, my company in the PCB surface markers as design drawing, LOGO printing, contact information, such as qr code, anti-counterfeiting mark, clear and beautiful effect. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is my company one PCB circuit board of the laser marking machine, is also one of the most significant effect. PCB circuit boards laser marking machine into the international advanced technology, high-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy many molecular bonds on the surface of the non-metallic materials, molecules out of the object, this way will not produce the high quantity of heat, PCB circuit board gathered laser marking machine laser flare, and almost no heat affected processing, so called the cold, and is suitable for the special material hyperfine marking and engraving.
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