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Performance advantages of laser marking machine for wine glass bottles

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
In the beer industry, due to the high requirements of industrial users, whether it is using traditional ink jet printers or laser marking machines, extremely harsh conditions are required. With the development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of the automation level, the application of laser marking machines for glass bottles has gradually been widely used, and the excellent performance advantages are gradually replacing traditional processing methods. Compared with the price of traditional ink jet printer, laser marking machine should be more expensive than traditional equipment, but laser marking can leave a clear and textured permanent marking pattern on the surface of bottle wine, which is a good anti-counterfeiting The effect of the logo is undoubtedly not a favorable processing method for the now highly competitive bottled wine industry. For the beer industry, facing the continuous emergence of food safety issues, product quality is the top priority for building consumer confidence. Ensuring product quality has become the focus of attention of food industry manufacturers. Inkjet printer manufacturers recommend that you use laser marking machines to mark beer Bottles can also ensure that the production date cannot be modified, increase manufacturers' control over product circulation, and prevent counterfeit and expired products from other manufacturers from re-flowing to the market, ensuring product quality in a true sense. With the continuous upgrading and improvement of laser marking machine technology, the service life and performance of the laser marking machine have been greatly improved, and the price of the laser marking machine is also very reasonable. Like the current fiber laser marking machine, the marking is clear, It has a wide range of applications and low maintenance costs; I believe that the application of laser marking machines in the beer industry will become increasingly widespread in the future. The glass bottle application laser marking machine has high marking accuracy, high speed, high laser power, stable performance, long service life, low processing cost, not easy to wear, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving. It is more in line with other similar beer glass bottle enterprise applications.
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