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Personality customization clothing printer; Can't afford to buy high, to set custom clothing - personality

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-23
What? You haven't heard dress custom? Thought clothing custom just & other; High set & quot; The exclusive? Learn about the textile laser printing machine! Only you used textile laser printing machine customize your exclusive clothing, unique! Don't have to worry about bump unlined upper garment! That sounds very let a person enchanted! Custom clothing to choose the appropriate fabric, the fabric is the most basic elements of the clothing. Because we all know are more comfortable to wear, cotton fabrics is also absorb sweat, breathable and pure cotton T-shirt, or contain cotton T-shirt will have a better printing effect, but also conforms to the style of most people. In general enterprise T-shirt customization for scene, can be divided into an annual meeting, business anniversary, guanggu shan, uniforms and so on. All according to the application of the different scenarios we need to design pattern, which can combine some scenes and the corresponding design elements. For the most current personalization, mainly in the pure color T-shirt printing small design. The most important of all, on the market at present most personality customization by the bottom of the shirt quality is relatively common, printed level is limited, this leads to print pattern peeling and cracking. At the same time, the content of printing will be monotonous, this also let individual character customization has lost its unique personality. Digital textile printing machine can do this! Gen digital jet printing technology, the use of textile ink is environmental protection, not only can print very good full color logo printing effect, and can guarantee the permeability of clothes is not affected, is your choice! Now call our sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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