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Personalized DIY canvas bag custom printer manufacturers should choose? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-23
Canvas bag, also known as environmental protection bags. At present, a lot of people like carried his canvas bag when they go to the supermarket to buy things, because it is environmental protection, can save some cost. For young people, of course, the same canvas bag how worthy of the unique self? So the canvas bag customization has become the best choice for young people. On the market at present there are a lot of DIY canvas bag custom manufacturer, so we should how to choose the canvas bag manufacturers to customize the bags? Canvas bag, customized manufacturing processes for finished product effect is very important. The same design patterns produced by different process customization, effect is different. Canvas bag printers are ink-jet laser printing machine, can be directly in various colours of canvas bag printed color images. It is very convenient, the bag can be used directly after print. Use canvas bag laser printing machine custom canvas bags and other bags are very fashion, and have very good effect on color fastness. To launch a new hot style T-shirt laser printing machine, print color not only with the original consistent, and the color fastness is very good, whether machine wash or hand wash test can have very good printing effect. Print two black t-shirts/canvas/denim/cutting piece only 2 minutes and 40 seconds. ! ! Ultra high speed printing, also with ultra-high resolution print effect. Giving back to the old customer activity heats up now! The top 30 knock $ten thousand preferential! Limited places! ! ! It is now or never, quick action! Now call our sales hotline: 400 - 8316492; 13265335569
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