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Photo of cake? 吗? New gameplay live-action figure! — — Digital jet printer - cake

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13
Recently there is a new technology become a ring in the new web celebrity & ndash; — Digital custom cake! USES the food grade ink on the surface of the cake custom print color design, the pattern on the surface of the cake and the image similarity is too high! I am shocked and friends! Even decades of return can't be easily drawing pictures cake design, good-looking appearance, but high level, not only delicious and good quality. Actually talking about digital, many people still be curing the old thoughts, think nothing more than some electronic products, such as digital cameras. Digital jet printer cake to refresh everyone's vision & ndash; — Can be customized on the cake you like design, logo, birthday, party, activities, more brilliant! Digital cakes with ordinary different places are not be made into various shape, also have no special exquisite cream flowers and animals image, is only on the surface of the cake on the image clear realistic pictures. Custom designs can be made by the consumer freedom of choice, can be their favorite star, also can be your photos, from the cartoon to the scenery there is no. “ Digital cake's main advantage is its image is very clear, and it is what kind of images can be made. Consumers can be completely personalized customization, create to belong to own cake. A lot of people in the birthday or wedding will use your own pictures or photos to customize a exclusive cake, sun very smart in the circle of friends. For that reason, digital cake is more attractive to young people, compared with traditional cakes, the digital photos cake once friends propaganda, attracted a large number of fans. Now young people don't like to chase fashion, saw a rare thing who also want to follow suit to give it a try. ” Then the digital jet laser printing machine cake is how to work? Small make up to you to solve. In well after embryo cake, cream evenly over the surface of the cake, smooth the surface of the cake. Then the need to customize images in the computer drawing software set in the good size. Then place the cake on food printer to print platform, start the digital jet printer cake, printing the can eat! Digital direct injection use can use edible food printer ink, quality guaranteed, safe to eat!
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