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Pigment type inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-06
At present, pigment cij printers have been widely used in the fields of dark color products in industries such as cables, pipes, auto parts, medicine, chemicals, building materials and electronics, and can print yellow, white, red, blue and other colors. Our pigment cij printer has the following advantages? 1. Advanced design and superior performance 1. Adopting the international advanced diaphragm pump technology, the integrated design of ink pump, solvent pump, recovery pump and circulating pump is more suitable for pigment ink design, and the operation is stable and reliable. 2. The innovative electromagnetic stirring design ensures that the pigment ink remains uniform and stable without precipitation. 3. The special intelligent 'self-awakening' stirring function design keeps the pigment ink in the best condition. 4. Adopting the international advanced negative charging technology to ensure the long-term cleanness of the nozzle and the stable operation of the machine. 5. The advanced automatic cleaning function can truly realize automatic cleaning of nozzles when shutting down, ensuring that the nozzles and ink pipelines are unblocked when starting up, which can effectively solve the problem of clogging. Second, the function is perfect 1. Edit point by point, the printing information can be set arbitrarily in the 24-dot matrix. 2. Intuitive icon-guided operation is convenient for quick and quick information preview and function search. 3. Large-capacity printing information storage. 4. Validity period, shelf life, production date, Julian date, automatic shift and other printing functions. 3. Humanized design 1. The screen can be automatically protected. 2. It can monitor component failures, alarm functions, humanized help and reminder menus in real time. 3. The new large-screen display, coupled with a more ergonomic touch operation keyboard, makes your operation easier. For more information about pigment inkjet printers, laser cij printers, and cij printer manufacturers, please visit our official website:
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