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Plastic plastic laser laser engraving machine laser marking machine _ _ special plastic laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-21
Used for plastic products laser marking can choose two different machines. The first is a fiber laser marking machine its advantage is price is cheaper, defect has higher requirements to the plastics compound, plastic raw materials must be pure materials, do not mix with any materials in the middle. Even need to add the radium vulture powder in the plastic raw materials to achieve a goal. Uv laser marking machine, the second is called the uv marking machine, uv marking machine for plastic products marking effect is more clear, relative and optical fiber laser marking machine for higher prices, are also more expensive. UV marking machine can mark on any plastic appearance, with logo and with engraving, UV, hot oil and other plastic products, because the UV laser has no fever, so plastic appearance won't burn, more beautiful pictures, tactile characteristics was spoiled by some big brands. Common UV logo products are mobile phone Loog, cell phone chargers, high-end cosmetics shell, FPC board, high-end watches, advanced porcelain tableware, glass, bottle caps, QR codes, etc. Widely used in plastic buttons, charger, mobile phone logo artifacts such as transparent buttons. Especially suitable for depth, lubricity and high accuracy, such as wall clock, communications industry, etc. There are two kinds of machines for plastic products to choose from, to product requirements is not very high in fiber laser marking machine can require more stringent can only choose ultraviolet laser marking machine, with delicate effect clear no touch.
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