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- plastic shell charger the laser carving machine Suitable for what kind of laser engraving machine carved

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-20
Plastic charger the laser engraving machine on the market at present the main laser equipment have two kinds of machines, 1. Optical fiber laser marking machine, laser 2. Under the ultraviolet laser marking machine, to introduce the difference between the two machine and disadvantages! First we explain optical fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine is one of the current mainstream laser equipment, it is easy to maintain, convenient and quick and the advantages of the wide range of application, in view of the charger industry radium vulture of its low market prices, is comparative advantage, suitable for making some mid-range charger manufacturers. Specific radium vulture effect is more general, bumps on the experience with a small amount of radium vulture after word, but will not affect the recognition and other functions. Ultraviolet laser marking machine in recent years, some large mobile phone factory production are very happy to buy equipment, the equipment price is optical fiber laser marking machine is expensive, but with a laser sculpture glues not burnt, touch without feel, after laser advantages, such as line and get approved by the vendor. Advantage is very obvious, but anyway ultraviolet laser laser engraving machine, with its excellent machine performance is now in the mobile phone charger replace most of the fiber laser marking machine laser carving industry so there are more strict with product effect and in the case of money is not very nervous to buy purple light machine is more cost-effective! Specific to buy that kind of laser equipment or go to a specific situation to decide
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