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Plastic shell laser marking machine manufacturer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-08

Plastics are mainly composed of natural or synthetic resins, and then add some additives to form a certain shape through a certain temperature or pressure, a material that can keep the shape unchanged at room temperature, plastic products and our life Closely related, many small home appliance housings, industrial instruments, and housings that we use every day are made of different types of plastics.

Compared with other materials, plastic has many advantages, such as light weight, stable performance, good electrical insulation properties, low cost and strong plasticity, suitable for large quantities The production of plastic products is widely used in medical equipment, kitchen utensils, home appliances, daily necessities, and industrial equipment industries.

Each item may be printed with a brand logo, or information such as product instructions or barcodes. The plastic shell is generally marked by a fiber laser marking machine or an ultraviolet laser. The marking machine prints the above information, and the laser marking machine has the incomparable advantages of other traditional cij printers in marking printing. The marking printed by the laser marking machine is clear and lasting, will not be consumed due to time, and does not require consumables, and The equipment has a long service life, and the fiber laser marking machine can be used for 100,000 hours.

We are an experienced laser marking machine manufacturer. According to the market demand, we have designed a variety of models that meet the plastic shell marking scene. There are standard desktop laser marking machines. The marking machine can also be designed as a flying type to cooperate with the production line, as well as hand-held, small and portable marking machines with various types of power. You are welcome to consult online or by phone.

Recommended model: standard desktop fiber laser marking machine

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