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Please save the detailed operation steps of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-07

In order to reduce some unnecessary malfunctions of the printer, it is very important to train the operators of the printer, especially the newbies. The inkjet company has won the trust and support of the majority of users with its excellent inkjet printer quality and professional service, and has established a good brand image. In the fierce competition in the inkjet printer market, the insatiable 'people' will adhere to the business philosophy of 'quality first, reputation-based. Since its establishment, our company has successfully developed and manufactured several series and dozens of varieties of packaging machines, inkjet printers, and supporting equipment, and has obtained a number of technical patents. Accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge and practical experience, forming a unique engineering theory and incisive solutions in the field of inkjet marking.

To use the inkjet printer equipment safely, you can operate according to the following methods:

1. The consumables (ink and solvent) used by the inkjet printer are easy to In case of flammable volatile substances, the use of an open flame should ensure that the equipment is 5 meters away and in a ventilated and dry environment.

2. Protective glasses and gloves should be worn when cleaning the nozzle, and contact lenses are prohibited to prevent liquid from consumables from entering the eyes and other parts of the body. If liquid is accidentally splashed into the eyes or mouth, immediately rinse with plenty of water and go to the hospital for examination.

3. Avoid inhaling the exhaust gas. These gases are flammable and harmful to health. Do not pour the waste ink dilution or cleaning agent directly into the pool or sewer.

, to be handled correctly.

4. Fire extinguishing devices should be placed near the printer, and smoking is prohibited.

5. The inkjet printer should be installed on a vibration-free shelf and kept stable, otherwise it will affect the printing effect.

6. The printer should ensure good grounding. Poor grounding may cause external interference and affect the printing effect. The connection of the ground wire must be as small as possible. p> less than 1 ohm).

7. The startup and shutdown procedures of any type of cij printer must be strictly implemented, and the power supply cannot be directly turned off, otherwise a series of failures will occur.

8. The operator should always check the consumption of ink and solvent, and absolutely prohibit any kind of running equipment lacking ink or solvent.

9. Anti-solvent gloves and protective mirrors should be used when pouring or cleaning operations, and the printer should be kept clean as a whole, because the dry ink is flammable, the circuit board of the printer,

The sanitation of the cabin should be cleaned once a month to avoid electrostatic interference caused by dust and affect the printing effect.

10. The power supply of the printer should be separated from the surrounding equipment (case sealing machine, ligation machine, packaging machine), so that the printer will not be affected by the shutdown or maintenance of the surrounding equipment,

A power failure of any printer without shutting down normally will affect its stability and even cause failure.

11. The cij printer itself has the function of installing compressed air, which must be installed, otherwise the pipeline failure will be greatly increased. The Yimaishi and K+G inkjet printers should be equipped with a positive pressure device.

12. Cleaning the nozzle is the responsibility and obligation of the printer operator

13. Since there are many types of inkjet printers at present, it is necessary to align the model first when adding ink and solvent. Choose the right ink, do not add wrong, otherwise it will cause serious equipment failure


14. Before the printer needs to be transferred during maintenance or replacement, the printer should be turned off and moved vertically.

15. The printer should be placed in an environment of 0-40°C. The room temperature in winter and summer is not suitable for the printer to work, which will cause humidity failure. p>

The air is large, it is recommended to protect the printer from being splashed by water.

16. The power supply of all cij printers cannot be turned off during the holiday of less than two days, (especially for the inkjet printers used for ligation machines), just close the nozzle, which can avoid the nozzle due to

Stoppage will cause blockage, and it can also prevent the internal electronic components from getting wet.

17. The printer should do a good job of cleaning the number of nozzles every day and adding ink and solvent to the record, fault phenomenon, and timely feedback to the maintenance worker, so as to prescribe the right medicine,

Avoid serious problems. failure occurs.

18. The inkjet printer should check the standby machine regularly and run for 1 hour every day.

19. When closing the printer, do not interrupt the shutdown process, and close the recovery hand valve after shutdown.

20. Place a halide fire extinguisher or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher near the printer (the maximum distance is 10 meters).

21. Place the printer in a well-ventilated place, away from heat, flames and sparks.

22. Do not leave solvent tanks, ink tanks or ink soaked debris beside the printer.

23. Do not smoke or have open flames near the printer.

24. Since the dry ink is easy to burn, the printer must be kept clean.

In fact, when the master uses the cij printer, he usually diagnoses the entire machine before turning it on, and then judges whether the machine is faulty according to his own experience, and the master will generally pay attention to it at any time during the operation. To prevent the printer from malfunctioning, you can keep the machine stopped at any time. I feel that such an operation is a safe operation, and your own safety is the main thing, and the others are secondary.

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