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Please see the core technology of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-21

We usually understand the quality of cij printers. The main criteria are stability and functionality. Among them, stability is the most praised by users. What are the main reasons that affect the stability of the printer? This includes the core technology of the inkjet printer. What aspects does the core technology of the inkjet printer include?

Because the operating mode of the cij printer is continuous electric field deflection continuous printing, in a broad sense, the control technology associated with this aspect is regarded as the core technology, which mainly includes the following aspects.

1. Ink dot phase detection technology, more phase detection can get higher phase detection resolution, so as to ensure good printing results. This technology determines the printing quality and speed of the cij printer. The most important factor, this also requires a mature and stable control program;

Second, the charging control technology of ink dots, from ink line separation to ink dots, from ink dot charging to splitting to deflection and recovery, This requires a mature and stable control program;

Three, ink viscosity and temperature control technology to ensure stable ink viscosity and temperature can ensure the stability of charging and splitting, so as to achieve stable printing results without being affected by the environment , This requires a good structure and engineering fluid design;

Four, automatic cleaning control technology, this technology includes the automatic cleaning function of the switch machine, the purpose is to ensure that the inkjet printer works normally at any time, this Need to have a complete control program to control completion.

In addition to the above four aspects, the core technology of the cij printer also includes software algorithms, nozzle manufacturing and so on.

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