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Please select and use inkjet printer consumables correctly

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-01
With the continuous expansion of the application industry of cij printers, cij printers have become essential products for the production and packaging of enterprises. The consumables of inkjet printers are of great concern to enterprises, so enterprises should also pay attention when choosing and using consumables. , Then how to correctly select and use inkjet printer consumables? 1. Correctly choose inkjet printer consumables 1. Ink. Each inkjet printer manufacturer will provide the corresponding type of ink according to the performance of the cij printer and the material to be printed, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inkjet printer. Therefore, when choosing ink, you must choose the cij printer manufacturer to provide Original ink. Although there are many alternative inks on the market that claim to be the same as the original inks and can be used universally, in fact, after a period of use, the printer will malfunction. Because the ink formula and production process of the inkjet printer are quite strict, it is difficult for ordinary manufacturers to make general consumables. Therefore, the inkjet printer must use the original ink provided by the manufacturer. 2. The thinner is specially developed according to the characteristics of the ink. During the operation of the inkjet printer, it constantly replenishes the material lost in the ink and repairs the structural damage caused by the circulation. The substitute solvent generally does not have the material to provide the ink loss and simply add the ink base material, which is very harmful to the normal operation of the inkjet printer. Generally, there will be poor splitting, reduced deflection, and some printed characters will appear, and in serious cases, it will not be able to start normally. As a result, the machine loses its warranty or even becomes scrapped. Therefore, when choosing a thinner, be sure to choose the original thinner provided by the printer manufacturer. 3. In addition to ink and thinner, the inkjet printer also uses cleaning fluid to clean the print head and the splashed ink. Generally, printer suppliers will provide different types of cleaning fluids for different inks. The production formula and process requirements of the cleaning fluid are relatively simple. Users can choose the corresponding cleaning fluid according to the base material of their own machine ink. We recommend that you also choose the original cleaning fluid provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer to be foolproof. Therefore, when the inkjet printer is bought, the inkjet printer supplier will generally inform the customer which type of ink, which type of solvent, and which type of cleaning fluid need to be purchased in the future. Just purchase consumables in accordance with the supplier's requirements. In this way, there will be no huge losses caused by using the wrong consumables. 2. To use the inkjet printer correctly to consume 1. Ink from different manufacturers cannot be mixed. The design process of inkjet printer has strict requirements on the performance indicators of consumables. Such as viscosity, particle size, electrical conductivity, drying time, adhesion, corrosivity, PH value, etc. should all be within a certain range. Consumables from different manufacturers cannot be used universally. Therefore, inkjet printer manufacturers will inform customers that if you use consumables that are not approved by the company, it will have the same consequences as inferior consumables, and you will lose the warranty. 2. Different types of inks cannot be mixed. Different types of inkjet printer inks have different base materials, dyes and so on. Therefore, different types of inks cannot be mixed. Once mixed, different inks are prone to physical reactions to form precipitates, or chemical reactions to form precipitates. In this way, the damage to the printer is quite bad. It can be said that the ink system of the printer is basically scrapped. 3. Expired ink and new ink cannot be mixed. The ink of the printer is marked with expiration date or production date. If the expiration date is exceeded, the quality of the ink will be greatly reduced, and some inks may not even be used normally. In addition, if the print quality deteriorates during use, you can check whether the ink has expired. If it has expired for a long time, it must be replaced with a new ink. Remember to dispose of the original ink properly and not mix it with the new ink. It is an industrial marking equipment company that provides high-quality solutions for enterprises, integrating Ru0026D, design, production and sales. Widely involved in domestic wire and cable, food and beverage, building materials, medicine, daily chemical, pipeline, civil explosion and many other fields. Focusing on quality and focusing on service are the reasons for the final choice of customers, and we will always stick to this concept.
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