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Pneumatic marking machine: working principle and application advantages

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-31

Different from laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine is a kind of contact processing, and the whole processing is based on physical pressure.

Widely used in various accessories, spare parts, nameplates and other trademarks, numbers, and text logos, and software can also be designed according to user requirements.

The marking material can be metal or non-metal.

Working principle:

Under computer control, the marking passes through the two-dimensional worktable on the plane to cause random movement, and at the same time, the needle generates height through the pneumatic system. Vibrate frequently and clearly mark the workpiece on the print.

Product highlights:

1. The workbench adopts international advanced compact industrial materials, which is light, beautiful and cost-effective.

2. The movement part of the marking head adopts imported sliding guide rails, which has low abrasion and good marking effect. The service life of the needle is at least twice that of similar equipment.

3, easy to maintain and operate

4, with unique route preset and arbitrary origin setting function, easy to process different workpieces, with self-check failure function , Easy to repair.

5. The main control board adopts an offline motherboard. When the computer is disturbed, entangled or without a computer, the system can still run on its own, which can make the keyhole cover smoothly realize marking.

6. It is compatible with various file formats such as CAD/CAM, and has general pattern processing functions in the CAD field.


Suitable for marking or marking the surface of metal and non-metal products in the fields of automobiles, motorcycles, aviation, aerospace, machinery, instruments, and meters Graphic mark.

Can be used in steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, plexiglass material accessories and various nameplates, such as instrument nameplates, instrumentation, mechanical equipment, etc.

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