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Portable 20 w - metal laser marking machine where I can buy Factory direct sale

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-23
Relative than cabinet metal laser marking machine, a portable metal laser marking machine is more suitable for the young stands, entrepreneurship, a car, a machine, a plot of land, can easily realize the dream of entrepreneurship, simple and convenient, small and light, easy to carry. Portable 20 w metal laser marking machine in addition to the small size, all the parts inside and integrated in a small case, the function of the other cabinet with ordinary metal laser marking machine is the same, 20 w laser provides a portable metal laser marking machine, still can be implemented in the iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal products, plastic products, most of the ABS material engraving LOGO, words, pictures, qr code, LOGO, serial number, code, bar code, name, symbol, etc. And production of metal laser marking machine has small spot, quick speed, long service life, maintenance free, strong stability, simple operation, high production efficiency, etc. There is no material, no pollution, is different from silk screen, printing, needs to high a lot and not environmental protection way of processing, metal laser marking machine and portable 20 w the content of the sculpture has long not rub off, don't fall off, and permanent. Processed products high-end obviously, the atmosphere, grade. Production of portable 20 w metal laser marking machine can be in stainless steel, aluminum alloy, metal, plastic products such as any carving some text, design, symbol, LOGO, trademark, qr code, name, photographs, anti-counterfeiting code, serial number, code, etc. , the content of the sculpture never rub off and never fall off; Carve without such as ink, only need electricity can be used; And sculpt speed and simple operation. Laser can be designed specifically for the needs of these users need the most suitable for the cost of metal laser marking machine.
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