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Portable fiber laser marking machine for auto parts dedicated handheld laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-20

The portable fiber laser marking machine for auto parts produced by laser is suitable for information marking of hardware, communication parts, auto parts, medical equipment, food and beverage packaging, building materials and other products.

What are the advantages of portable fiber laser marking machine for auto parts

1. The marking speed is fast, which can reach 7000mm/s, Can greatly improve production efficiency

2. Good laser beam quality and stable performance

3. High electro-optical conversion rate, which can save electricity costs

4. Can It can be added to the production line or operated independently

5. The marking effect is exquisite and beautiful, and the precision is high. , Can be marked on most metal and non-metal materials

8. Long service life, up to 10W hours, stable performance and maintenance-free

The pictures and texts marked by the portable fiber laser marking machine for auto parts have good wear resistance, cannot be erased, and have strong anti-counterfeiting properties. No pollution, no noise.

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