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Power bank tablet electronic equipment laser marking solution

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-30

The times are progressing, and people's living habits are slowly changing. To say that the greatest invention of the 21st century is the mobile phone. The mobile phone penetrates all the details of our lives, such as communication, entertainment, shopping, transportation, etc. We cannot live without mobile phones. Frequent use of mobile phones will also lead to insufficient power, which will seriously lead to shutdowns and affect our lives. In order to prolong the battery life of mobile phones, merchants have developed charging treasures to allow mobile phones to be used anywhere and anytime. Re-energized.

The power bank is a mobile phone auxiliary device that integrates power and charging functions. Part of the shell is composed of plastic products. In order to promote the brand and standardize the product, the power bank manufacturers usually mark the logo or model, product introduction and other text or patterns on the power bank shell. At this time, a laser marking machine is needed to achieve this. .

The fiber laser marking machine can meet the marking needs of the power bank. Laser marking is a non-contact processing method. Users can freely edit the required marking through the marking software. The pattern or text can be accurately marked on the surface of the power bank through the cooperation of the galvanometer field mirror. The font size and the depth of the mark can be adjusted. The pattern marked by the fiber laser marking machine has smooth lines, high definition and long-lasting. It will not be worn or faded over time, and different models can be selected to match the online production of the assembly line. The marking speed is fast and the production efficiency is effectively accelerated. It is the mainstream solution for charging treasure marking.

Recommended model: assembly line laser marking machine

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