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Precautions and suggestions for daily use of UV inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-08

UV inkjet printer refers to a piezoelectric cij printer that uses UV ink to print. UV ink is a kind of ink that needs ultraviolet radiation to dry. Ink, UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet, which is translated into ultraviolet in Chinese. Its working principle is the same as that of a piezoelectric inkjet printer. Using the characteristic of piezoelectric crystal deformation, UV ink jets fall on the surface of moving objects to form a dot matrix, thereby forming characters and patterns.

The precautions and suggestions for daily use of the UV inkjet printer are as follows:

1, you must turn it on before you start printing Conveyor belt, and the curing lamp should not directly irradiate the nozzle, and then turn on the curing lamp and plasma machine to prevent the surface of the belt from being burnt. Models with UV lamp control can ignore this item.

2. When you stop printing, you must first turn off the curing lamp and plasma machine, and let the conveyor belt run for at least 1 minute, then turn off the conveyor belt power to prevent burning of the conveyor belt surface. Models with UV lamp control can ignore this item.

3. When the machine is not working, a protective cover must be used to cover the nozzle. Prevent ultraviolet rays from irradiating the nozzle, otherwise it may cause the nozzle to become clogged. After stopping for more than 3 days, the nozzle must be covered!

4. When the machine is working, the nozzle should be vertical to the conveyor belt, and it must be ensured that there is no impurities on the surface of the nozzle to prevent the product and the conveyor belt from scratching the nozzle. When it is found that the printing effect is poor, it can be verified by a nozzle test, and the nozzles should be cleaned and dredged in time to ensure the printing effect.

5. When the non-side spray type is in working condition, it must ensure that the nozzle is vertically downward, not tilted or laid flat. Otherwise, it will definitely cause the ink to suck back! After this phenomenon occurs, please contact the original factory engineer to solve it.

6. It is forbidden to use any sharp or hard objects to wipe the nozzles, and it is forbidden to use non-original cleaning fluids to wipe the nozzles or clean the pipes of the machine, otherwise the nozzles may be damaged. If you need to wipe the nozzle, please use the original dust-free cloth.

7. Do not use non-original ink consumables, otherwise the nozzles may be damaged.

8. The machine comes with a filter, it is recommended to replace it every 6 months!

9. The printer is an electrostatic sensitive device, and the power supply must be well grounded!

10. Before powering off, you must click to stop the negative pressure, and then power off after the piping system is relieved of pressure.

11. If the air pressure is abnormal, please contact the engineer of the UV printer manufacturer in time.

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