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Precautions for laser marking machine to make QR code and barcode

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-18

With the rapid development of science and technology, the development of the Internet is getting better and better, and the application of communication equipment software and two-dimensional code is becoming more and more active. The development and innovation of two-dimensional code technology has won the favor of people and enterprises from all walks of life. Love, now people use QR codes to promote their company's corporate information, such as: merchants receiving goods, more and more applications of QR codes, more and more companies use QR codes to promote their company's product information, This is not only for people to understand our company's products, but also for people to better understand our own products, so as to better serve their own products.

With the continuous development of laser technology, it is not difficult to engrave our own products. We only need to pay attention to the following matters to make QR codes with laser marking machines. Accurate carving, so as to achieve good results! As we all know, the barcode uses the laser marking mechanism, the QR code has a clear effect, the text is exquisite, and it is easy to identify. And it can print QR codes and barcodes on various materials, including plastic, hardware, wood, and paper. Non-discoloring, not easy to damage. Unconventional mimeograph effects are comparable. Now it has been widely used in equipment, materials, devices, parts and daily necessities in various industries. Bar code, two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code marking has become an indispensable practical technology in people's production and life.

Use laser marking mechanism to make QR code barcode. In fact, sometimes we will find that the barcode QR code made is very fresh, but after scanning with the scanner gun, it cannot be read. come out. What's going on here?

The following is to help you popularize the knowledge of QR code scanning:

For example: red can only be used as the background color of QR code barcode Use, can not be used for bar code production. Since the scanning gun emits red light, the red light will have a strong reflection on the red code, similar to shining on white. However, barcode QR code recognition requires strong air reflection and weak code reflection. Therefore, red with strong red light reflection is only suitable for shorting (background color), and is not suitable for the color of code. Barcodes QR codes have very strict regulations on colors, and not all colors can be used for printed codes. The colors that can be shorted are white, yellow, orange, and red, and the colors that can be shorted are black, blue, dark green, and dark brown, and other colors are not.

After understanding these, we make barcodes on the laser marking machine, try to make them according to this requirement, and sometimes we can use the method of engraving to solve the problem. This requires us to constantly think about how to think and constantly improve our practical level.

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