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Precautions for operation of hand-held laser welding machine for small laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-06

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, more and more jobs have been replaced by intelligent technology, and the welding process is no exception. With the development of science and technology, welding tools are undergoing rapid changes. The problem of high-quality welders, the hand-held laser welder came into being, so what should be paid attention to when operating the hand-held laser welder?

Handheld laser welding machine

The three core components of the handheld laser welding machine: laser generator, cooling water tank, handheld laser welding gun, These three core components perform their own duties when starting up, and silently support the operation of the entire equipment. It can be frankly said that any failure of these three core components may cause the handheld laser welding machine to fail to operate. So what should we pay attention to when we start the operation?

The cooling water tank can be said to control the temperature of the entire equipment during operation. Everyone should know that when any welding equipment is working, the temperature of the mechanical equipment is very high If there is no external heat dissipation to help the equipment to dissipate heat, the consequences will be very serious, usually because the internal temperature of the equipment is too high to cause damage to the equipment , in serious cases, the welding equipment can be directly scrapped on the spot, and the hand-held laser welding machine is no exception, but it should be noted when starting the operation: when the hand-held laser welding machine is turned on, the water tank should be turned on for 30 seconds before turning on other accessories. Turn off the water tank 30 seconds after all the equipment of the hand-held laser welding machine is completely turned off, and then power off. Remember the opening sequence of the water tank.

After the water tank is turned on, unlock the emergency stop of the laser generator and turn on the laser. Here, Xiao Yang explains that there are certain ways to turn on the laser of each brand. The difference, please refer to the instruction manual of the laser generator for details.

Under the condition that the water tank and laser are fully opened, you can change the parameters you need according to the material and thickness you need to weld. The parameter adjustment of the laser welding machine is very, very simple. Without any equipment experience, you can master the parameter adjustment of the equipment skillfully by listening to the 2-minute introduction of the relevant engineers.

The hand-held laser welding machine completely relies on the laser generator to generate light source energy for welding, so the light source must be checked and debugged before the hand-held laser welding machine is turned on to avoid cause unnecessary accidents.

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