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Price and usage of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-24

As the editor-in-chief of Laser Technology Co., Ltd., a veteran of the laser industry in the peninsula region, I would like to tell you: the price and use of laser marking machines, I hope to help the individual units who need laser marking, laser welding, and laser cutting. .

Laser marking machine is divided into: fiber laser marking machine (applicable to all metals and some non-metals, currently popular), CO2 laser marking machine (applicable to non-metals: such as: wood, plastic, Fabric, bottles, cans, etc.), semiconductor laser marking machine (the function is equivalent to the fiber laser marking machine, water-cooled, the module is easy to freeze and crack in winter, and has been replaced by the fiber laser marking machine). Because the most expensive part of the laser marking machine is the laser, so when buying a marking machine, you should first look at the brand of laser (the best laser in China is Wuhan Raycus Laser), and then look at the power. The price of Raycus 20W fiber laser marking machine is generally around 26,000 yuan, 30W is around 320,000 yuan, and 50W is around 65,000 yuan. The price of CO2 will be slightly higher. The method of use takes fiber laser marking machine as an example: stainless steel (black speed is generally 100-200 power 40 frequency 40 marking power 1000 power 20) aluminum (speed is generally above 1000 power 20-40 frequency 20 aluminum can only be white) Wait.

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