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Primary maintenance of inkjet printer-how to deal with inkjet printing_inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

1. Boot steps

1. Open the head cover, turn on the power, and close the red power switch on the left side. Press the 'POWER' button in the upper right corner of the following operation page. Enter the main menu.

2. Start the system

2. Read the printing information and modify the date

3. Adjust the direction of the printing. There is deviation in the printing process. The direction of the nozzle and the sensor can be adjusted according to the deviation direction, and it can be adjusted to the appropriate direction.

Four, simple processing method of inkjet printing (be sure to turn off the nozzle switch)

1, printing information in the lower half of the printing, shortcomings: open the nozzle cover, cleaning and recycling The outer wall of the pipe; clean the inner wall of the solenoid valve.

2, the upper part is gathered into a line: the value is set too large, adjust it to between 4-6.

5. Primary maintenance of the cij printer

1. Use a dry cloth to wipe the surface dust on the outer casing of the inkjet printer.

2. Check whether the print head is clean every day, pour a small amount of special cleaning fluid into a rag and gently wipe the nozzle.

3. Check whether there are ink stains on the inner wall of the solenoid valve, and wipe it with the same method as the nozzle.

4. Use the observation window to check whether the ink line is normal (the circular window in the middle of the nozzle cover looks in, the gap between the dots is relatively large, and the dots will not be connected together)

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5. Check whether each button is normal. Using the printer in strict accordance with the operating specifications can not only reduce the failure rate but also extend the life of the printer.

Inkjet printers have higher requirements for ink viscosity. Viscosity is the viscosity of the ink, not the density. However, viscosity is related to concentration and temperature. The greater the concentration, the higher the viscosity, and the higher the temperature, the higher the viscosity. Therefore, the cij printer has different ink viscosity settings at different temperatures. If the current viscosity is too different from the current setting, the printer may not print well and report ink viscosity failure.

The solution to the ink viscosity failure of the printer:

If it is too thin, you can pour the ink out and place it in a ventilated place or blow it with a fan , The diluent in the ink volatilizes. If it is too concentrated, you can add the solvent manually. After the viscosity is normal, you need to observe whether the viscosity changes again, if the ink viscosity changes a lot. It may be a problem with the diluent addition circuit of the printer, and further inspection should be done. The possible reasons are: the viscosity measurement circuit is blocked or the flow is not enough; the cij printer viscometer circuit part is poorly connected or damaged.

viscometer troubleshooting method:

You can first observe the indicator of the circuit part, measure the voltage and other methods to determine whether the circuit part is has a problem. Then check the ink path part of the ink viscosity measurement of the printer. You can remove one end of the viscometer, connect the beaker, and observe the flow rate. This makes it easy to determine which section of the pipeline is the problem. Then check from simple to complex. If you encounter difficulties, you should call the printer supplier at any time to inquire. If you feel that you cannot repair it, you should call the supplier and report the failure phenomenon and the inspections you have done.

The above is the treatment method for the primary maintenance of the inkjet printer and the troubleshooting method for the inkjet viscometer provided by the inkjet printer manufacturer technology Co., Ltd., everyone has learned NS?

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