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Printer price trap

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-14

In the industrial revolution, inkjet printers are an indispensable type of coding and marking equipment for manufacturers. With the improvement of various standards for safety production, most

Commodities must be marked by the inkjet printer. Because of the market demand, large and small inkjet printer supply and service companies have emerged in recent years. Buyers who are not familiar with the printer industry will inevitably fall into the price trap. There are three key reasons:

1. Lack of understanding of inkjet printer knowledge has led to the trap of dishonest inkjet printer suppliers.

Second, greedy for cheap, no maintenance engineers often cause abnormal work during use, which affects production and causes the risk of breach of contract that cannot be delivered in time.

Third, online transactions, without considering various issues on follow-up services.

The inkjet printer is a kind of high-precision marking equipment, which is composed of circuit, single-chip software technology and ink circulation technology. If you have no choice to buy a printer

The cooperation of honest and professional companies will bring a lot of troubles in production and use.

Although the principles of inkjet printers are the same, there are certain differences in the operation and use of machines of different brands and the actual inkjet printing process. The difference is to analyze the coding requirements of the production day

, the inkjet marking equipment uses ink dots one by one for non-contact To form dot matrix fonts on the surface of the product, such as

If the printing is incomplete, some parameters of the printer need to be adjusted . However, when the company's cij printers use employees to leave their jobs, the new employees need to have professional inkjet printers to train after-sales engineers. No matter how good the equipment is, there are failures. If there is no good after-sales service, it is equivalent to buying a trouble. Cooperate with an honest inkjet printer professional

service company, you can get a reliable after-sales guarantee!

For the small character inkjet printer technology, it can be said to be the type with the longest development time. After decades of technology and production work Accumulated experience, small characters

The price of inkjet printers has gradually become transparent, and the production cost has been reduced. Some imported brand cij printers are also made in China . In order to allow our customers to buy high-quality brand inkjet printers; do not buy the most expensive or the cheapest but If you want to buy the one that is most suitable for your own use, you must not only look at the network promotion data and business when buying the machine.

Whether the site is professional and formal. Before buying, be sure to let the seller calculate the subsequent use cost by using relevant data such as the price of subsequent consumables, maintenance cost, etc.

Whether the service is timely. Now the cij printer market is very chaotic, some just sell it without service, and some let customers come in with the cheap machine price

High maintenance and high maintenance The trap of using cost.

In 2016, the price of cij printers is more transparent, the product configuration is clear, and the price range is not large. Through the understanding of the product, I believe that customers can

Through some of the above cij printer purchase knowledge, understand clearly how to choose to buy a real, safe and suitable inkjet logo Equipment, whether laser or ink, is the most widely used equipment in this era.

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