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Printing factory's equipment is usually used in what industry? - - - - - - Lattice - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-23
in the actual life of product packaging, is often used in a printing equipment. Especially when you have need in a department or some spraying on the food packaging production date, batch number and other information, spurt the code machine such equipment is greatly exert the effect of spraying. What printing equipment vendors would have specific application in which industries? 1. Covering a wide range of food industry, food industry includes not only the usual bread, these solid food with fluid milk drinks, also includes the common fresh food in the supermarket, as long as it is to the entrance of the product is called food. So the printing factory equipment of the house of application in the food industry is very wide, spray the product range covers everyday can purchase to any of the variety of food types. 2. Daily chemical industry encountered in the life of some of the daily consumables, such as cosmetics or shampoo is also need to use the printing vendors would related instructions of spraying equipment. Especially the daily cosmetics and general merchandise, usually according to specifications, according to the content of the spraying some bar code or the qr code, the large-scale spraying project are made by printing factory equipment of uniform coating finish. 3. Building materials industry for all kinds of building materials or cable such products, can also use printing vendors would equipment type of paint job. After-sales service specification printing factory in the process of providing these cij printer, also should according to the spray product different nozzle set or the nozzle adjustment service, in order to make printing vendors would spray equipment to adapt to the building materials industry products of various specifications. So factory printing equipment in the food industry, daily-use cosmetics, daily provisions, and other industries have a wide range of devices using probability, and printing factory home advantage in the eye is to help the industry production of the manufacturers, real-time maintenance and nozzle to spurt the cij printer and ink replacement and to add, security in different industries, different specifications of the products in the printing process would be able to spray.
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