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Printing vendors would analytical characteristics - spurt the code machine work Qr code - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-23
Today, as the growing demand of printing high-end printing vendors would cij printer type is also available in the constantly improve, especially through the principle of classification can be a very good make sure according to meet the specific application. Under the professional printing factory house can to spurt the code machine, the principle of classification of related content for the readers to do specific introduction, help the spurt the cij printer users a more in-depth understanding of the working characteristics of modern laser marking machine. One, under the action of the pressure of ink supply pump continuous inkjet continuous inkjet technology is now more commonly used a spurt the code machine technology, the mass production printing requirement for perfect is very useful, can better promote the printing work efficient, so in recent years through the continuous inkjet printing vendors would cooperate purchasing technical equipment need more. Its core technology is the ink from the ink tank pipe through the ink to the ink road, adjust the pressure, viscosity, and then into the spray gun, pressure effect of the transistors, exercise into a series of equal spacing, drops with the same size. Continuous inkjet printing vendors would think that the improvement of the technology, to improve the production efficiency, effectively reduce loss is of great significance, is the needs of large quantities of inkjet technology to cij printer can consider one type. Second, the integration of nozzle, on-demand inkjet perfect perfect is by integrating nozzle on-demand inkjet, have more than one club crystal respectively to control multiple spray nozzle plate hole, through the CPU processing, then with a series of signals to each drive panels output voltages crystal, forming lattice, to form a way of writing Numbers or pictures, the technology of fusion is higher, so can achieve fenma technology more advanced, a lot of new spurt the code needs to use real printing factory will recommend this type, it can ensure the diversity of code requirements, is a kind of innovation of printing technology, multi-use characteristics clearly ensure the printing factory's cooperation effect, is now printing vendors would cooperate more frequent one machine type, trust the future as to further improve the synthetic technology of computer and automation technology, according to the use of inkjet technology also there will be more comprehensive. Nowadays cij printer technology more and more high, advancing with The Times of printing vendors would both in research and development and lengths in product introduction, better meet today the market demand for trademark and special sign present. Especially rely on word of mouth good printing vendors would make unremitting efforts, will be able to better security printing effect of clarity, to ensure that the work efficiency, and satisfy more unique code requirements.
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