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Printing vendors would introduce: a novice to learn what knowledge - before use spurt the code machine Lattice - spurt the code machine

by:LEAD TECH      2020-05-24
The important role of don't need to spurt the code machine, and increasing in the number of production enterprises, sales of printing vendors would also in unceasing increase, the customer's huge. However, if you would let cij printer is correct use, and reduce the waste materials and prolong service life, the novice needs to master the correct method of use and operation essentials. Below is used by printing vendors would introduce prior to spurt the code machine learning what knowledge. 1, master the spurt the code machine principle from the evaluation of high printing vendors would purchase back to spurt the code machine, after the new staff to quickly learn spurt the code machine, you first need to understand the working principle of the spurt the code machine only after know the principle of how to understand the code is work, quickly master the operation methods and main point, to study the working principle of spurt the code machine after carefully reading spurt the code machine operation manual. 2, grasp the spurt the code machine learning system operation after the operation principle of the new staff also in printing vendors would learning under the guidance of system, including the correct switch machine, edit the information and pattern, adjust the word width height, spray print delay, the respect such as cleaning the nozzle technology, at the time of learning and record the key carefully, so that after the printing work more smoothly. 3, master the basic knowledge of repair and maintenance due to spurt the cij printer also can appear some problems in the process of operation, staff need to rule out these problems timely to ensure the machine can be normal use. Printing vendors would recommend at the time of learning and mastering some basic repair and maintenance aspects, make sure to spurt the code machine can normal work to spurt the code. Printing factory house to introduce, novice in operation after cij printer, you need to learn from several aspects. Will firmly grasp of these a few respects will begin to mount guard operation after spurt the code machine, if in use process to spurt the code machine operation and unfamiliar places, staff will promptly consult professional services good printing vendors would understand.
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