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Problems and solutions faced by handheld inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-20

With the popularity of handheld inkjet printers, a large number of product manufacturers have begun to use handheld portable cij printers. As the use time increases, we have to face a problem, that is, the maintenance and repair of handheld inkjet printers. Maintenance problems, how to quickly deal with failures, ensure the normal stability of the inkjet printer, and ensure the balance of the quality of the inkjet printing effect have become the top priority. Today, the inkjet printer manufacturer technology Co., Ltd. will share with you, hand-held cij printers. Common faults and maintenance problems of printers.

A problem we have to face is the battery life of the handheld cij printer.

The power supply of the handheld inkjet printer is similar to that of a flashlight, and it needs a suitable battery. The battery should not be too large. A large battery will directly increase the overall weight of the machine and affect the daily work efficiency. , Increase the burden on operators.

Faced with the inevitable battery life problem of hand-held cij printers and the natural loss of battery during use, inkjet printer manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. will have a variety of solutions. For example, spare 2-3 batteries, when the battery alarms, you can replace the new batteries in time to continue working, and the new batteries are used to maintain the coding work and charge the batteries without electricity for backup.

Another solution is the use of uninterrupted power supply, which is equivalent to the handheld inkjet printer being continuously connected to the 220V power supply for charging. This situation is suitable for online handheld use. This measure can be taken when the handheld inkjet printer does not need to be moved frequently. It is similar to using the handheld printer as an online high-resolution inkjet printer, which is more convenient and saves the trouble of replacing the battery.

Secondly, the second problem we have to face is the ink cartridge problem of the handheld inkjet printer.

The ink cartridges of the handheld machine are generally HP brand ink cartridges. The print head and ink cartridges are integrated, which is more convenient to replace, and the service life and stability are also guaranteed. Two types of ink are suitable for products of different materials. Slow-drying ink is more suitable for some materials with better surface permeability.

The printing effect is also very concerned by many users. Hand-held and portable inkjet printing The very good point of the machine is that the resolution of the printed information content is very high, which can reach 300x300DPI, which greatly exceeds the traditional small character inkjet printer, especially in the variable two-dimensional code, variable barcode coding, it has a natural The technical advantages of, the scanning rate is higher, and the reading rate is higher.

The usage of ink cartridges and the amount of printed information are also a common problem. Many customers will ask, how many characters can be printed on a box of ink? How long can a box of ink last? How many products can be printed? For this common problem of customers, the manufacturer’s handheld inkjet printer system software has special calculation methods and formulas, as shown in the figure below. According to the content of the printing information (multi-line information) and parameter settings (different resolutions), people can understand at a glance The amount of ink cartridges used.

What are the common faults and maintenance problems of handheld inkjet printers? How to deal with it quickly?

1. The handheld cij printer cannot be turned on. The common cause is that the battery is dead or damaged (such as unable to charge). The solution and treatment is to replace the battery. In addition, there are a few faults caused by poor contact, it is recommended to re-plug the wiring, if it can not be solved, please contact the manufacturer.

2. The hand-held inkjet printer has poor printing effect. Common phenomena include blurred printing information, incomplete printing information, and partial information not being displayed (for example, only one line or more than one line is printed out of 2 lines of information),

3, hand-held printing The printer cannot enter the system or the screen is black. The common situation is that after the power is turned on, the main interface cannot be accessed, and the machine cannot be operated and used. The processing method is to connect the computer through the data cable to flash the machine, which is commonly known as the reinstallation system.

4. The variable QR code or the database cannot be printed. The printing of variable information requires the support of the system and software. When choosing a handheld, you must confirm the technical requirements with the manufacturer or supplier, so as to understand and prevent in advance to avoid this event from affecting production. Common handling methods It is possible to apply to the manufacturer to upgrade the software to support the application.

5. The handheld printer does not print. Common situations are electric eyes, sensor damage or poor contact. When dealing with the above problems, you need to check whether the synchronizer is working properly and whether the software printing counter is normal. The solution is to prepare some wearing parts, such as the synchronizer drive belt. , Photoelectric sensors, etc.

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