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Product identification information one-time printing assignment code without the presence of UV printing machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-24
Product identification information one-time printing fu source code without the presence of UV printing machine: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 11 - Browse 26 0

mentioned in previous articles to share a little knowledge about the UV printing machine, UV laser marking machine is essentially a free from any material first printing equipment, it break through the bottleneck problem of printing technology, has realized the real no plate-making and one-time finish of printing. Also solved the common printing ink on the printing effect after opportunity to strong acid, strong alkali produces ink series of problems. It can be implemented in any material goods identification information code problem, for small and medium enterprises to solve the problem of the series, the assignment of identification code.

it is not only solved the one-time printing, uv laser marking machine as well as ordinary ink printing out the ink after opportunity to strong acid, strong alkali series problem, at the same time it in practical application is more suitable for modern production enterprises. Barcode traceability aspects, for example, can with high dpi piezoelectric nozzle can achieve A level bar code printing, as well as the database information query. For merchants to their products play a protective role in appearance, can increase anti-counterfeiting effects.

according to the small make up summary about the uv printing machine has the following advantages:

first, instantaneous curing formation, no waiting time.

second, to be able to apply with a range of materials, and have very good printing effect.

third, without any volatile toxic pollutants, conform to the new standard of voc emissions.

4, can choose different ink, if after curing is a hardness, flexibility, the performance of friction resistance.

five, is cured resin composition has resistance to alcohol, ketone, acid and alkali.

the six, the ink can keep for a long time will not be volatile drying, can ensure the nozzle is not prone to clogging.

its seven, uv printing machine printing system USES a modular design, to ensure that each printing unit can be highly integrated, easy to install in a variety of paper rolls and roll of film, sheet-fed laser printing machine as well as many India post-processing devices.

its eight, can easily realize the demand of the roll of film, single variable data printing, can also according to the customer on the existing equipment integration installation, and quickly form the production capacity, improve production efficiency.

all in all, uv printing machine is currently in drug regulatory code and qr code has been applied in many fields, and can also with the enterprise management system ( ERP system, for example) Seamless docking, realize the real online purchase. Get the favour of a lot of small and medium enterprises.
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